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Experts in each industry discuss and evaluate the alternative advertisements workshop reimagined.

Hear What Experts Had to Say About The Towards Change Project
A bold and inspiring project! It's fantastic to see an initiative that sparks an inclusive dialogue about how advertising influences cultural norms and perceptions on a larger scale – not just what the ad itself is, rather where it was being seen. In today's landscape marred by misinformation and harmful content, maintaining brand safety is paramount. Embracing diverse perspectives with awareness of what is seen and where is being seen can help brands navigate these challenges to combat entrenched biases and promote positive social transformation.

Nendra van Wielink-Mohamed​
Global Brand Media, Digital & Marketing Practitioner, Former Kraft Heinz

Joyann Boyce, Founder Inclued AI - TedX Speaker

Expert Notes on Contentious Ads

Nendra van Wielink-Mohamed​  Global Brand Media, Digital & Marketing Practitioner, Former Kraft Heinz on H&M Ad
The ad grabbed my attention - both as a parent and an industry practitioner. The portrayal of the girls, coupled with the attention-seeking headline, raised concerns about suitability and age-appropriate content. It's crucial for brands to be mindful of the messages they convey, particularly when targeting young and impressionable audiences. Ensuring brand safety is critical to ensure that the ad does not stray away from a safe and suitable environment. The alternative depiction of happy kids of various ages and genders certainly looks more positive and less harmful for the brand.
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