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​"Towards Change" confronts the issue of controversial adverts directly, using a civic engagement approach to foster a more responsible advertising ecosystem. 
Advertising, functions as an invisible education, can change people's awareness and societal attitudes.  ​We disrupt stereotypical narratives with civic-created adverts including various values and knowledge, igniting social change in advertising and fostering an ethical, inclusive advertising landscape.​



This project revolutionizes gender portrayal in ads through civic engagement, reshaping the industry with alternative narratives. ​

We redefine advertising by inviting diverse voices to reimagine banned advertisements, fostering inclusivity and breaking industry barriers.​

Why "Towards Change"? 

In Latin, an alternative reading of "advert" is "Towards Change," and it captures the spirit of the project: moving toward a change in representation in controversial advertising. 

What We're Doing​

We've selected some controversial adverts for their problematic content to undergo a creative transformation. Through a series of workshops engaging the community and future creatives, we dissect these adverts, discuss their impacts, and collaboratively reimagine them to convey positive messages.

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Contributors and Volunteers

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