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Rethinking Representation in Advertising

Towards Change

The project aims to reimagine controversial advertising and update them to messages of positivity by using a civic engagement approach. Your insights could transform the advertising landscape and bring about meaningful change by creating tangible alternative ideas!

Our Process

1. Selection

We've chosen a series of controversial ad for perpetuating stereotypes related to gender and ethnicity.

2. Workshop

Through public workshops, these ads are reimagined and their messages positively reframed, employing designer skills and AI for visual representation.

3. Exhibition

An exhibition then compares the original and revised ads, spotlighting the adjustments made and incorporating expert feedback on the improvements.


4. Networking

It culminates in a networking reception, connecting participants with the broader creative industry.

Workshops for Social Good

Organisers will finalise the idea from the workshop and Your work, credited with your name, will be featured in our April exhibition, visited by industry professionals from marketing, media, and the creative sector.

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Step 1

Analyze and Discuss

We’ll dissect real-world examples and explore how they could have been more socially responsible.


Step 2

Creative Brainstorming

Collaborate with peers to reimagine advertising that benefits both advertisers and consumers. What should the messaging be? What visuals will resonate?

DALL·E 2024-02-25 23.16.40 - Create a draft sketch of the image provided on a white canvas

Step 3

Idea Development

Hone your skills in summarizing and presenting impactful ad concepts. It's your chance to shine and showcase your creativity!

“This workshop provided me deep insight about gender representations and it was great opportunity to ideate better idea by myself."

Master's Student


We are a Bristol based team coming from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared passion for fostering a more inclusive world through advertising. 

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Partners and Sponsors

Sponsorship is key to our success. Participating in the Towards Change Project as a sponsor is a great opportunity to introduce and increase awareness of your services to an audience of dedicated and enthusiastic experts.

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